Christopher Lowther

“Cowboy Cruising” was a multi-media and multi-projector piece which exploited the way men look at each other in classic Western films—where the gaze takes on clear homoerotic and homosocial connotations.

Joan Hawkins, author of "Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avante-Garde"

"Cowboy Cruising" 2005-06
"New World Disorder: Disaster & Desire" Video Installation

The work is an interrogation of the perverse pleasure of disaster/ruin, the representation/ function of disaster and desire, and the experience as mediated via film representations. The “Desire” aspect of Disaster & Desire is two-fold: On the one hand it references the way desire is represented in disaster films, and on the other it references a wish/desire for disaster. I have a conflicted view of disaster as I also see it as a positive agent of needed change. For example, the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster prompted the Japanese government to re-evaluate nuclear energy and consequently their last nuclear reactor was shut down. In addition to universal change I also wonder what personal truths would be revealed to me in the event of a disaster in regard to those I love, and even those I wasn’t aware that I loved. And what problems and dysfunctions would it solve?

Irwin Allen’s disaster films employ a similar method of re-uniting and repairing relationships in the wake of catastrophe. Husbands and wives whose relationships seemed broken and beyond repair somehow find hope and come to realizations about their feelings for one another. Strangers who normally would not associate become friends and caregivers. In contemplating the cathartic benefit it has for me, I concede that it is a romantic view of disaster, but one that is nevertheless mediated by film and its enduring power over me. 

Towering Inferno 2012-13
Video Installation
Airport 2013
Video Installation
This is not a traditional catalogue essay, in the sense that it does not provide one sustained argument about the work, New World...more As I mentioned earlier, contemporary critics were quick to read Allen’s films in terms of social criticism. As J. Hoberman notes in a...more
Earthquake 2013
Video Installation
The Poseidon Adventure 2013
Video Installation
Earlier, I wrote about the use of monitors and clocks in terms of mastery and intimacy. But for those of us who have lived through...more
“You resist temptation admirably,” Dr. Louis Judd tells his recalcitrant patient Irena in the 1942 horror classic, Cat People...more
Artist's Statement  

Love, loss, desire, rejection, relationships and the spaces they inhabit are themes that I explore in my work. Cinema is a medium that I incorporate directly and indirectly in my practice. Implicit in my work is the notion of romance and love of the cinematic experience. As an artist I am consistently investigating my personal truths and the way they are sometimes informed and shaped by media representations. My work is a reflection of my relationships, whether successful, failed/lost or imagined/desired. In this context my relationship with film and television is a very intimate one that transcends viewing media as entertainment.

"Out of the Myth" Video Installation  

The “Out of the Myth” series is comprised of four pieces that explore censorship in film and space. The pieces are united as an examination of cinematic space, and a desire to make Queer space in cinema through recontextualization, extension and other artistic strategies.

cowboy thumbnail
Cowboy Cruising 2005-06
3 Channel Video Installation
rope thumbnail
Rope Reconstructed 2007
3 Channel Video Installation & 1 inch Scale Diorma
Representations of sexual preference or orientation are complex processes in the cinema. From the classic scene in the Maltese...more This inability to speak is not evident in Lowther’s next project, the conceptually and architecturally adventurous Rope Reconstructed. The...more
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A Queer Shadow 2007
Single Channel Interactive Video Installation
rebel thumbnail
Rebel Love: A Woman Scorned 2006-07
2 Channel Video Installation
Questions shift from interior, domestic space to exterior, sexualized space, inform A Queer Shadow, Lowther’s single projection...more
Turn finally to Rebel Love: A Woman Scorned, in which Lowther deconstructs Nicholas Ray’s classic film Rebel Without a Cause. Widely...more
Other Works  
"The Plague Doctor"  
Coming soon. In progress.
"Strangers on a Train"  
"High Rise Rear Window"  
Coming soon. Coming soon.
"Apollo 9/11, 2001"  
In progress. Coming soon.
In progress. Coming soon.
"Cão Sem Dono" 2011  
"Cão Sem Dono" 2011  
Sculptural piece that contains the animation. A stop-frame animation about a dog in search of an owner.
"Tease" 2010  
"Tease" 2009  
An interactive boite d'optique that plays with desire and
A photo series that plays with desire and expectations.
"City of Panic" 2007  
"Lifeboat" 2007  
A stop-frame animation centered around a city in the grips
of panic.
A three channel video installation based on the Hitchcock
film of the same name.

"Digital Daydreams" 2006  
"Keine Ahnung" 2006  
An animation about a monkey's use of his active imagination in order to escape reality. A live-action and stop frame animation centered on enigmatic and paranoid fantasies.
"Space Monkey" 2006  
"Somnambulist" 2006  
Two monkeys exploring space find each other in this romantic-adventure animation. A single channel video based on personal dream metaphors and symbolism.
"Synthesis" 2006  
"Living Room" 2005  
A single channel video that synthesizes disparate images and sounds. A single channel interactive Flash installation that explores the relationship between entertainment and surveillance.
"Post-Human" 2005  
"Touch" 2005  
An interactive Flash project that intersects cybernetics and surveillance. A single channel live action & stop motion animation that investigates "touch" in an increasingly cybernetic world.